About Brighter Future Accountacy

About Brighter Futures Accountancy

Making businesses successful by enabling them to gain control of their finances

Brighter Futures Accountancy specialise in small business bookkeeping and accounting for clients in Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire.

70 new businesses are started in the UK every hour. 60% of those businesses will not exist in three years. That’s why gaining control of your business finances is key to running your business successfully.

We offer free discovery sessions to discuss your needs and work out how you can radically improve your business accounts.

Who Are Brighter Futures Accountancy?

We enjoy working with our clients to help them understand their businesses profit and cashflow. This ensures our clients can concentrate on what they do best and can afford to take time away from the business, with family or friends.

We encourage our clients to drop us an email, Whatsapp or telephone call if they need any advice or support. You will be allocated a partner to work with, but you can speak to either of Vicky or Shane as needed.

If you want to know more, simply book an appointment for a telephone call, or contact us here.

Meet the Brighter Futures Accountancy Team

Vicky Martin MIAB


My name is Victoria Martin (FIAB) and I qualified as a book keeper through the International Association of Book Keepers in 2004 after I discovered the love for accounts through the job I was doing at the time. I am a Certified Quickbooks and Xero Partner. 

In my spare time I like watching Netflix, going to theme parks (I love big thrill rides) and eating out.

Shane Martin


My name is Shane Martin and I did my qualification in 2009, I am also a Quickbooks Certified Pro Advisor and am very enthusiastic about how I can help clients improve their processes with it.

In my spare time I enjoy watching Formula 1, rallying and playing golf.

What Clients do Brighter Futures Accountancy Work With?

Sole Traders

An individual that is self-employed. The sole trader is personally responsible for the business finances including if anything goes wrong. For example, if the business gets into debt, the sole trader could risk their home or other assets being repossessed.


More than one self-employed person working together to make a profit and sharing the profits on an agreed split. Each partner is responsible for all debts.

Limited Companies

A company which is government registered and has a separate legal structure. The liability of the owners is limited to the amount of their shares. The shareholders personal assets, should anything go wrong financially, are usually safe. This is often the most common way of protecting personal assets.

A Limited Liability Partnership(LLP)

An LLP has the same features of a normal partnership however it is similar to a limited company as members of an LLP cannot loose more than they invest.

What We Offer

We want our clients’ businesses to succeed, which is why we invest time understanding your business and it’s financial requirements. You are undoubtedly a savvy business owner that could learn how do to do their own accounts, but do you have the time? Time is one of your most important resources, so if the answer to that question is no, then we can help you free up more time so that you can focus on running your business. We are Quickbooks Online and Receiptbank Partners, and also work with Xero and Brightpay.

From Harpenden to Hemel Hampstead, from Watford to Ware, and from Berkhamsted to Broxbourne, if you run a small business that you want to grow, then we want to hear from you!