Payroll Software-How to choose

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Payroll Software-How to choose Like it or hate it, doing Payroll is an essential process in any business that employs people. Whether you pay people weekly, fortnightly or monthly, the right software can be a major part of the equation. We use Brightpay Payroll software for our clients, although other software will do some of the same […]

Making Tax Digital: 3 Things You Need To Know

Making Tax Digital

3 Things You Should Know About Making Tax Digital MTD stands for Making Tax Digital, the process of the HMRC (also known as the tax man) getting businesses to process their accounts )and in return their tax returns) in a digital format. A VAT registered business (or their accountant) logs into the HMRC website, fills […]

An Essential Guide to Being a Director, Shareholder & Dividends

An Essential Guide to Being a Director, Shareholder & Dividends 1

An Essential Guide to Being a Director or Shareholder & Dividends Let me be blunt with you, I have seen many clients and potential clients try and take dividends here and there without consideration of what dividends actually are, and why that matters. You don’t get dividends from your company because you are a director, […]

Taking on an employee for the first time

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Taking on your first member of staff So you are thinking of taking on an employee for the first time? Well first things first, there are some big considerations that you have to think of. Drawing up a job description before you start recruiting can be a good idea, so that you know exactly what […]

10 Expenses You Can Claim Whilst Self-Employed


Recently self-employed and want to know exactly what expenses you can claim for? Find out the top 10 expenses you can claim for. One of the most important things you want to work out if you become self-employed is what can I claim for? Which expenses will HMRC allow me to claim?  And what is […]