How much does an accountant cost?

Just how much does an Accountant cost I hear you ask. Well in some ways that is like asking how long is a piece of string. Different accountants price their services in different ways. Some focus all on being the cheapest, at the expense of service and quality, but that is not what we are about.

We have guide prices as below, but if you are interested in the idea of working with us, we can schedule a call with you to go through the full quotation process and give you a clear and transparent price. No hidden extras!

All figures + 20% VAT.

Personal Tax Return

Pricing starts at £300 for self employed.

Landlord Tax Returns

Pricing starts at £275 for first property, £80 per property thereafter.

Annual Accounts & Corporation Tax

Pricing starts at £99 per month based on the size and complexities of the business.

Outsourced Bookkeeping & VAT

Pricing is based on number of purchase invoices and bank transactions. Pricing quoted on enquiry. Please have this information when getting in touch.


Pricing is based on the number of employees, frequency of pay and any complexities (such as variable pay).


Quickbooks and Xero Training is £50 per hour inclusive of our travel costs as long as you are within 50 miles of our office. If we need to travel into central London this is subject to a minimum 2 hour charge.

We also have how to videos on our quickbooks channel.


We offer Receiptbank free of charge to all of our Bookkeeping, VAT, annual accounts and tax client. As I say, if you are interested in the idea of working with us, you can click here to book a 30 minute initial consultation call which will go over the whole quote process and will answer your question on how much this accountant costs.