Brighter Futures Tax return Self Assesment

Wondering if you are claiming everything you can on your tax return?

Worried you are claiming for things you shouldn’t and HMRC will come knocking?

Stressed when trying to do your tax return each year and make sure you make the right payments?

Good news! With  our self assessment package, any sole trader who is not VAT registered and does their own Bookkeeping on Quickbooks can pay a low monthly amount of £36 a month to spread the cost of their self assessment.

My payment plan will spread the cost of the 2020/21 tax return, and if you also want us to do the 2019/20 return we will offer a 10% discount on this.

                                                  If you sign up for our Self Assessment Plan you will get:

  • Quickbooks Self Employed, Simple Start or Essentials
  • Support from our Accountancy Practice if you have queries
  • A dedicated manager
  • If you choose Quickbooks Essentials you will get Receiptbank to manage your bills and receipts
  • Peace of mind knowing your taxes will be done within good time and done right.

Who this package is for:

  • You are Self Employed in the UK (not Ltd company)
  • Sales of under £70,000 a year
  •  Do your own tax return and wanting to change this, or want to change accountants
  • Want to spread the cost of your tax return
This package is NOT for you if:
  • Your business is limited company registered with companies house
  • You are VAT registered, or expect to be in the next year
  • You are perfectly happy with doing your tax return yourself and not worried that you may be missing claims to make or claiming in error,
  •  You don’t have £36 a month spare
Kick Start Job Scheme
Kick Start Opportunity

Want to take part in the government Kick Start scheme?

If you have less than 30 vacancies, you can not apply direct to DWP.

However we are working as an intermediary gateway with employers across the country who want to take part in this great scheme!

Click below to go to our Kick Start info page