What is a Bookkeeper?

20 years ago, or maybe a bit more, a Bookkeeper was exactly what it says on the tin. They kept the physical books of the company in order. Every time an invoice was issued to a customer, it was written in the right place, and every time a bill came in or was paid, it was written down also.

Times have changed………….

With the rapid expansion of computing, automation and AI the role of a Bookkeeper could have become obsolete, but instead it has evolved.

Bookkeepers make sure that the right sales, purchase and bank information is recorded in the computer accounting software (often cloud accounting now such as Quickbooks or Xero) , along with the right VAT treatment and that every penny is accounted for. Then when the accountant comes to do the annual accounts and tax returns, everything is a hell of a lot easier!

Why us?

  • We don’t just offer Bookkeeping or Accountancy, we offer the full package from start to finish.
  • If you are a busy small business owner, we give you the tools (such as Receipt-bank) to get the information to us quickly and without causing you issues
  • We then get the data, put it into the right places so that you can have an accurate picture of how profitable the business is on a regular basis and we keep the tax man happy by filing your VAT, annual accounts and tax return in a speedy fashion. Making sure you know how much you owe them and when, so they get paid on time!

If you want to start outsourcing your Bookkeeping to an Accountancy practice that puts innovation, integrity and customer service at the heart of its company, then why not book an appointment with us today?

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