Cashflow Forecasting


What is a Cashflow Forecast?

A cashflow forecast is used to predict the rise and fall in cash over the coming year or given time period.

A cashflow forecast will show you the months when cash will be low. Anticipating your cashflow will enable you to plan ahead. Cashflow forecasts are essential for you to be able to predict how much cash will be coming in and out of your business over the next year.

Why Understanding Your Cashflow Situation is Important

Cashflow is the the amount of money your business can expect to recieve over a given period of time. If you are a small business owner, it’s essential you forecast your cashflow to be able to make solid financial business decisions.

So many small businesses fail due to lack of funds, even though they think they are profitable.

If you answer yes to any of the below questions, you should contact us and we will help you predict your cashflow.

  • Do you know your profit from your cashflow?
  • Are VAT bills taking you by surprise?
  • Want to relax in the knowledge that your business is being looked after?

We Can Help!

Brighter Futures Accountancy work with Futrli to analyse your invoices, bills and invoices to accurately predict your cashflow for the coming period. Analysing your cashflow will enable you to take control of your business. The Futrli software enables you to view incoming cash and expenses, and to see trends and forecast the next years cashflow.

Over 60% of small businesses experience cash flow issues on a regular basis.

Predicting the future of your business means you can see at a glance opportunity for financial improvement within your business. Being able to visualise your cashflow (instead of it being within your head or on a spreadsheet) will simplify your cashflow and let you see spot financial trends instantly.

Forecast Your Cashflow

We will have an initial meeting with you, where we look in depth at your last 12 months accounts, including the profit & loss and cashflow statement. We can then talk about what you think might happen over the next 12 months and forecast some examples.

If there is something major in the pipeline that may or may not happen (a new contract for example) we can look at both scenario’s and see what would happen in either one. The same can be done with something you may be thinking of; opening a new store, taking on more staff or taking out a business loan.

We will then work with you regularly to keep in top of what is actually happening in the business, alerting you if there are any major issues. We will give you monthly reports to show what is happening, and there is also an option of an in person review once a quarter.

What Brighter Futures Accountancy Will Do For You

(Help) Predict The Future

Unfortunately we don’t have next weeks lottery numbers, or know which horse is going to win at the races. However cashflow forecast helps to plot your business future! We look at the historical financial data for your business and we’ll provide you with solid cashflow projections for the upcoming accounting period.

Work As A Team

We will work together to ensure your forecast remains as accurate as possible. From the initial call we remain contactable and at your service. At agreed time frames you will receive simple and easy to read reports. We don’t just send you reports and leave it there, we’ll be on hand to answer any queries you might have and you are always welcome at our offices.

Give Solid Advice

We’re here to help you and we want businesses to succeed. We won’t give you advice or waste your time for the sake of it. We will help you set financial targets based on your business finances and key performance indicators.