Management Reports and Advisory Services

Different businesses produce different management reports and accounts. Keeping track of your management accounts enables you to monitor the performance of sections of your business. Accurate management accounts help you see how your finances are doing as your business moves along.

What are Management Reports?

The types of management accounts you should keep, really depends on your business. Examples of types of management accounts includes:

  • Employees and employee costs.
  • Pricing, stock records and creditors.
  • Pricing, distribution and debtors.
  • Assets including id numbers, cost and purchase date.

Keeping track of your management accounts enables you to monitor the performance of sections of your business. It could be that you want to see how well a product has sold in certain shops. Or perhaps you want to track the sales team in each of your offices.

Depending on your budget and size of your business, we recommend you prepare management accounts monthly or quarterly.

Why work with us?

  • We work with reporting software Futrli to accurately show your business performance in a number of agreed key areas
  • The historic reports can be merged with the agreed cashflow forecasts, if you have chosen this service also. You can then see how well you have done in comparison to the goals you have set.
  • We don’t just send you the reports and run (unless that is what you want of course). We are on hand for any questions and you can choose to have a quarterly meeting by Zoom for us to go through the data and what it means for your business.

Benefits of Management Accounting for Businesses

  • You can set agreed goals, targets and stretch targets (maybe for bonus planning) in relation to sales income, expenses, profitability and much more
  • It gives you and your team more control over the sales you are making, the things you are spending money on and the overall balance between the two.
  • It can help you make decisions, both routinely in month to month business life, and if there are big decisions to be made, these reports can help make the right one.
  • If there is a problem with the business (low money in the bank, less customers ordering), these reports can help you solve the problem by identifying some of the root causes so that you can take action.

Without managerial accounting, a company wouldn’t be able to identify problem areas. Gathering statistical data and conducting financial analysis is essential for efficient and strategic management. It allows the company’s management to make better-informed decisions and draft and review policies and budgets that are better suited to the companies needs. To discuss the benefits of management reporting for your business, contact us.